For me photography is about authenticity. My passion and desire is to portray humanity and the world in which we live caught in genuine expression; whether in joy or pain, love or anger. The posed photograph can never hold as much intrigue for me as the candid one and I aim to convey the essence of a subject rather than merely the mask they or it shows to the world. There is something intangible beneath the skin, a twinkly in an eye, a piercing of the soul.

Raised in the beautiful West Kootenays I have now returned to my hometown of Argenta, with a degree in photojournalism and journalism from Victoria's Western Academy of Photography, to serve the area as best I can as a photographer and writer. With a diverse background in photography I can do everything from food and product to fashion and fine art but specialize in portraiture of people doing what they love.
If you have any questions regarding booking, pricing, or any thing else, please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you and building a relationship. Person to person.